Welcome to Just Craftin’ Boutique!

Here you can find items that are 100% customized to your choosing! This means the colors, wording, size, design, theme, or mostly any other feature can be customized on ANY item found in my albums- www.facebook.com/pg/justcraftinaround22/photos/ I try to make sure I post at least one or two of each item, because they can get lost within the albums! As you may know I am a mom of 2 boys and a teacher as well, mentally I have like 19 kids. Therefore, my hours during the day will also reflect my work/mama time. My hours are posted on my FB page and on Google as well.

I am a maker of much. When I say that, I mean it. I get overwhelmed sometimes at the amount of things I can actually make. I have created a list below with the processing time beside them as well. If I forgot an item please let me know. This processing time is usually how long it takes to create the item. When ordering I will also let you know how many orders are ahead of yours and about how long it will take before I can start.

Due to the fact my items are 100% customized they are to be paid for when ordering the item. I accept payments through PayPal, Square, and my website. I also accept cash up front as well for locals. Cancellations of any orders must be done within 24 hours of payment, and you will be refunded right then. If you receive your item and decide that something is wrong, you will have 2 days from the day it was picked up/delivered to inquire about a refund. Again, all of my items are 100% customized. If anything is different from the original, I will always send a picture before it is shipped or picked up. Any item that is dropped or damaged in anyway I will not refund, unless it is due to shipping. I send care/instruction cards with all items to ensure proper care.


I have a sanitary and safe spot available for my local customers to pick up items! It is always the same container near the same area, and it has my business name and information for you on it as well. Not to mention, it is under 24/7 surveillance. My address for pick up can also be found here on my page or by using Google.

Shipping for each item is based on the actual price I pay to pack/ship. With each item posted I always will include the shipping price for that specific item. Here are some shipping price examples: 1 shirt=$3 | 2 shirts=$5 | 3-4 shirts=$7 | 1 tumbler=$7 | 2 tumblers=$12 | 1 canvas/sign=$5 | Door hanger/wreath=$15

The easiest way to get in contact with me is by messaging me on this business page! It is only me here and it is connected to my personal Facebook. However, my personal number is located for emergency situations. Such as if you are at my house and just cannot find my pick-up box, but I am not home, and you keep messaging me, but get no auto response because it is during business hours. Then, call me Alabama.

Let me know if there are any more questions you may have! Happy shopping friends <3

Quick overview of the items that I offer/Processing time:

Shirts [3-5 days]

Sublimation Prints for Transfer [1-2 days if design is already made or given/3-5 days if created]

HTV Designs for Transfer [1-2 days if design is already made or given/3-5 days if created]

Vinyl Decals of All Sizing [3-7 days]

Sealed Tumblers [7 days-2 weeks]

Unsealed Drinkware [3-5 days]

Wooden Signs [3-5 days]

Canvas Related Items [3-5 days]

Party Décor [3-5 days]

Burlap Wreaths [3-5 days]

Wooden Door Hangers [5-7 days]

3D Printed items [2-5 days]

Jewelry [3-5 days]

Accessories of all sorts [key chains, ear savers, totes, scarves, patches, etc. 3-5 days]